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HPC³ started as a research project back in 2008, with the focus then being to develop simulation tools for nanoparticles research.
Over time, we have evolved into a research center with members from various departments in UTP and with highly diversified portfolio.

In fact, diversity – in a research sense especially - has been the trademark of our group. We have people delving into very diverse computing and applied computing areas - distributed computing, software engineering, database, computational fluid dynamics, finite element methods, and even governance issues – all coming under one roof due to a common need and/or concern for high-performance computing services.

For past few years now, and in the years to come, we will continue developing and synergizing our fundamental capabilities in the areas, seeking as our holistic goal, a suit of competitive methods, frameworks and algorithms for the development, operation, design and service offering of high-performance cloud.

Operationally now, we organize ourselves as shown below:


HPC³ Groups

Research Map
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HPC³ Support Policy

Last Updated: Jan 2018
This page is meant only for internal consumption within UTP.
While HPC³ is primarily a research center, within UTP we do play a limited administrative and support role.
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  • Our service focus is on: Providing server platform for software both commercial and opensource. Providing cloud services over the Internet Providing storage services for big data.

  • Do note that the university management requires that all HPC³-related procurement be made only after consultation with the HPC³ head. Therefore, please contact us if you are planning of acquiring HPC³ servers.

  • Do consult with us too if you are acquiring software that you want to park on our servers. HPC³ software, especially the commercial type, do not run out of the box on just any HPC³ platform. We usually have to look into its technical requirement.

  • Do note that we only support servers, services and software running within the center or any HPC³ administered machines and on a best-effort basis. We simply do not have enough manpower to answer calls 24x7 or to run around the campus providing on site support.
  • Do note that unless you procure a new server, whatever software you wish us to host will be run on a shared hardware platform or on a virtualized platform. Hence, especially if the software is well used, we do encourage you to procure, using your own research grant or through the university budgeting process, your own dedicated server to be parked in HPC³.

  • Do note that we do not provide workstations and "high-performance" laptops - that is way, way beyond our scope of duty.

  • As and when needed, HPC³ users are expected to:
    • Become the key reference person for any support to other students who wants to use the same software
    • Present on research work in HPC³
    • Provide other materials written or oral



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High Performance Cloud Computing Center (HPC³)

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